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The Partnership to Success program is a plan to succeed. It is also about how committed you are to your own success? Partnership is not about get rich scheme, it about taking the time to layout a well thought out plan for success. John Thornhill is blunt and he makes no excuses, in an effort to get his students to face their fears and to leave the excuses behind.

Prior to enrolling into the program, I tried setting up my own blog, and with the help of YouTube videos I started and finished my blog called My only problem I did not know how to drive traffic or monetize my blog, so I never get any sustained traffic to my site. I also found out that although I invested in a coach and followed his program it never amounted to any real sustained traffic flow.

The Partnership to Success program, after only 10 weeks into the program have surprised me with the many techniques of how to set-up a blog,


How to install an opt-in form

How to link social media to your blog

How to setup a blog network

How to setup Google Adsense.

The traffic flow has been constant to by blog, I have received many unsolicited comments from visitors, who have seen and appreciated the information posted on to my blog.

One key difference is the Partnership to Success network of bloggers provides many opportunities to make money with proven products.  Some product has already made it to the marketplace, in addition to new product launches. Partnership to Success provides real and viable opportunities to all of John’s students to start earning money even while they are being mentored into Product creators.

In 2014 prior to enrolling into the Partnership to Success program I spent more than $6500 invested into coaching and other get rich schemes.  Every one of these programs promised the next new thing or secret loophole to huge profits; however the results have proven otherwise.  I must admit that my former mentors did teach me a few things however they fell way short of their promises. And I am not saying there were no benefits to my investment but the actual ROI to date has been very low.

The Partnership to Success program has already demonstrated in very real ways that can fulfill the order. Just the magnitude of the Partnership blog network and sheer number of participating affiliates; have added  substantial evidence that the program is able to deliver as promised made by John; “if you’ve follow the program as instructed you will make money in 2015.”network-577009_1280

It has now been ten weeks into the program and I am very impress with what is already happening within the program. The last ten weeks I have been given more opportunities to create an income than the entire 12 months of 2014.

I have been given the opportunity to leverage the list of super affiliates within the Partnership to Success Network as well as JVZOO and Clickbank affiliates.

The program started off by teaching the finer points of making a blog, and how to monetize that blog. John is strategic in capitalizing on the opportunity to leverage Google’s massive traffic flow, by using AdSense as part of monetization process.

After this simple method of monetizing the blog, John introduced us to a method that can potentially earns thousand as an affiliate of the Simple Traffic Solution. Bearing in mind the Ultimate result of this program is to develop a product and bring it to the market. In addition there is countless number of partner products to promote.

Since this journey is designed to allow every student to learn how to launch a product of their own, there is entire network of Partnership products, that are constantly being launch and there is a wide array of product to promote all the time, with varying launch dates which provides a constant flow of income opportunities.

If you have an idea for a product or a service the Partnership to Success provide the platform on which to launch, because it is step by step instructions on how to get this done.

We begin with the is a step by step guide

Phase 1 is getting to getting you to setup your own personal blog and to ties all your efforts with social media and the blogging network together.

Phase 2 will take you into the product launching




At the end of this journey your account is no longer empty but rather a multiple streams of income flowing into it constantly.  My my my how sweet it is.

  • If you have been looking for a program that is a proven success
  • If you are tired of losing after investment time after time after time
  • If you not looking for a flash in the pan get rich schemes
  • If you are interested in real results
  • If you are just sick and tired
  • if you are willing to face the reality about you

This program is your alternative it offers real hope and no hype.

It is one that promises if you are willing to put in the time

It is that one true opportunity for success.

Your opportunity awaits in the Partnership to Success.


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