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I love living in Canada. When you live in Canada; almost everyone you’ll encounter they will have something to say about the weather. Canada especially in the Central regions of the country runs the full extremes of climatic changes at both ends of the spectrum. There is truly a four season climate here and on some days we’ve experienced all four.goose-525221_1280

Although our weather is so variable there are some things which remain constants within the atmosphere of change. In transitions from winter to spring there will certainly be day’s warms days where an individual will never know how to dress for the weather, the jackets become uncomfortable and almost certainly followed by days where it is shivering cold.

The birds, the butterflies the migration of the caribou all these serve to remind us of the changing weather conditions of the place we call home.

There are many migrating birds that travel to and fro the Canadian landscape. The Canada geese are in particular they are interesting to observe.

They fly in a V formation; this is such a beautiful site geese-505413_1280to see the migrating Geese in the fall to warmer climate. It is said there are four major flyways for the Canadian goose.  There is flight path along the Atlantic seaboard, there is another flight path along the Mississippi river, the flight path along the Rockies called the Central and there is a flight path along the Pacific shore line. The Canadian geese are sociable bird and they monogamous mating with one mate for life. Families normally follow the same flight path in the spring the Canadian north and in the fall on their return trip south.

What really impresses me about these not only are monogamous and return to the same nesting ground each year and their sense of unity.

Whenever the birds are in flight they will fly in a V formation. This is a strategy the birds have adopted to allow them to fly for longer distances. The lead bird takes faces the most resistance breaking the head wind the V formation allow the preceding birds to have less wind resistance. The lead bird rotates out whenever he/she gets tired another birds takes to warmer feeding grounds.

Some Fact about V Formation

  • The V formation allows the flock to fly 71% farther than each bird would fly alone.
  • A goose that is out of the formation, it will experience and resistance and quickly gets back into formation to leverage the power of lift, one of benefits the formation flight gives to the birds.
  • The lead goose whenever he gets tired he rotates in the wing and another bird takes lead.
  • The honk of the birds behind is said to be an encouraging rally to let the lead birds keep up the pace.
  • If a goose is sick or wounded and unable to fly, two other geese will fall out of formation with him, to offer protection. They will remain with him until he is either well enough to fly or he is dead. They will them form their own formation until they catch up to the rest of the flock.

Many years ago I did the V formation as a part of my College English presentation. There are many school of thought about the geese’ formation flight but it certain a single bird could not fly such long distances without the benefits of the V formation. There some controversy about the honk of the birds at the rear  of the formation but since nobody speak perfect geese I will choose this position, it is certain whether it is directions or encouragement there is a purpose to the honks.

Animals are not time waster of energy squanderers form this we can conclude there are beneficial value to honks of the flyers in the rear.

As human being we can copy the principles of the V formation and apply it to our goals and objective to achieve more.

  • People who bond together and share common objectives within a group will achieve faster and easier then attempting it by themselves. They are able to instill and encourage each other. The bible puts it this way “Iron sharpens Iron”.
  • Goose Sense: Is the understanding that sharing information within the group helps everyone.flock-378676_1280
  • When we Share the load everyone benefits, the result of which is a far greater than the individual effort.
  • We need to be careful what we say behind other people.
  • Be willing to stand by each other, it is possible to likely find a friend in who share the same goals and objectives.

John D Rockefeller said he would rather “1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of his own”. Mr. Rockefeller knew that together we are much more effective than the sum of all our efforts. Transformational influence is created when the energies of the group is synergize to hit new levels. This true whether it is social, economical or organizational, unbelievable levels of success can be reached. Whenever we leverage in this manner it is dynamic and by not taking adopting this principle we’ll end up working harder than we should. Put this in practice and we will see exponential success.

The partnership to success is a program, is synergistic model, where as student we leverage the network of John Thornhill. John has been doing online marketing fulltime since 2004. The Partnership to Success program has developed countless number of students who have who gone on to creating their own seven figure business.

I have between in this program now for just over ten weeks, and I have just completed Phase1 of the training and I am pleasantly surprised with many techniques offered within this program.

One feature that stood out in my mind is inter-linking of all the students and past student of the partnership to success program into a huge blogging network. This is a huge SEO advantage, it form a large blogging network and could be a potential ranking booster for the individual website.

The partnership program offers a symbiotic benefit to the new student and for John and his network finds new people and potential affiliate partners. It is the V formation principles at work.

Partnership to Success is a program for you.



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